Bridal Hairstyles: Everything you need to know for the Big Day.

Bridal Hair Inspiration

Choosing the right Style and Hairstylist on your wedding day can make the wedding run so much smoother! When you hire someone to do the whole wedding parties hair it makes the wedding party look so much better.  Even if everyone gets a different style everyone flows because they have the same artists work.  Many love to look at Pinterest to choose their inspiration and we always recommend doing a trial before the wedding that way it relieves some stress and it gives you a solid game plan.  On wedding day its high stress and there is less time to play with the style.

Choosing the right artist makes all the difference because it relieves the stress of wondering if you or your wedding party going to look your best.  Is the artist professional? Will they flake the week before your wedding or show up on time? Do they work quickly, have experience, and know what they are doing?

On Location or coming to the Salon?

On location or Coming to the Salon is a great thing to consider when planning for wedding day hair.  There is always an extra charge to pack up the entire salon but we think its better for the bride on wedding day.  We recommend being at home, hotel, or venue with all your family and friends.  That way it takes all the stress off every one of traveling to the salon.  For a huge save on time which seems to be lacking on the wedding day, it is always worth it.  Imagine sitting around having mimosas with all your closest family and friends. If the artist is amazing they will bring everything you need for updos and hairstyles and you won’t have to worry about a thing.  On top of bringing hairspray, irons, and bobby pins, we like packing things wedding people need like safety pins, lint roller, scissors, etc. We prepare for battle.

How to prep your hair for wedding day (hint: no dirty hair)

Coming in for an updo with dirty hair is a thing of the past!  These days hair product technology is so on point there is no need for a greasy looking updo.  Plus, who wants to get married with dirty hair?  We always recommend using an amazing volumizer the night before or day of the wedding. Start at the scalp and worth all the way down to ends.  This helps make the hair less slippery and is the first aid to the structure of the updo.  It is very important to blow dry this in for extra volume and hold for the updo.  We recommend working with your stylist to have them recommend the best volumizer for you to make your updo, curls, or wedding hairstyle perfect and long lasting on the wedding day.

Planning for the wedding party hairstyles 

We have this down to a science.  Its important for the artist to know a few things for the wedding day.  If they don’t ask it is a tale tale sign they aren’t prepared.
  1. how many people need updos
  2. what time does the wedding start
  3. what time does the wedding hair need to be completed by
From there the Stylist will know how many artists they need to bring and what time to start the hairstyles to finish at the proper time.  Hair and makeup usually run late on the wedding day so we recommend having an hour cushion of time just in case.  Everyone needs to make sure their hair is dry and ready for the updo unless they are getting a blow out hairstyle. One of the biggest issues we see with coming on location for hair and makeup is that people aren’t ready for their updos.  We recommend working with your stylist to set a schedule of bridesmaids on each artist for wedding day and allowing 45 minutes to an hour for long thick hair for each person. This is a rough outline but a huge help so that everyone stays on schedule for the wedding. It also speeds things up when everyone has an updo hair inspiration photo of what they like so we have a fast goal in mind to get started quickly.

Building an updo with Structure

We Start off first with building the inside structure of the updo.  It is very hard to do an updo on slippery hair so we recommend blow drying with a good volumizer before the appt.  First, we use dry shampoo and powdered volumizers to add more volume and grip.  2nd we will thermal protect the hair with Aquage beyond body or Eufora retain.  This adds hold and extends the life of curls even for people whose hair doesn’t hold curl well. If you have very fine hair let the stylist know in advance and they can get a doughnut or bun to add volume.  Now the stylist can plan the structure of the updo according to your inspiration or consultation. As the stylist builds the shape we recommend using a medium hold hairspray to support the structure from the inside out.  Once the updo is formed and double checked by the bride we then spray a firm hold hairspray to lock in the style.  All of our hairsprays have humidity resistance and we even have a spray just for people who struggle with humidity frizz in Texas. To finish the style we add a lightweight shine spray and you are ready for your big day with the confidence of knowing your hair will hold up all night.

Paying the Hairstylist on wedding day

We recommend cash or check just in case internet for the credit card is spotty.  Cash speeds up the checkout times as we go. Its best for the bride to pay in advance or to pay early in the day because it gets really crazy right before the wedding.