We use a structured artistic background with our hair cutting system that is sculptural. We sculpt the hair in its natural dry form so we can detail every part of the hair to lay correctly when styled at home. By using the dry hair cutting or sculpting method we can correct bad haircuts very quickly as well as remove unwanted weight in overly thick hair.

These cuts are amazing and weightless. This system also works very well in giving volume to thin or fine hair. Sculptural cuts have amazing movement and grow out so well that many clients say their hair cut lasts longer! These cuts are perfect for men who are starting to thin as well because we can cut to make the hair on top appear to be thicker by elongating the cut in areas and thinning in bulky areas. This is not your typical haircut! You have just entered an art studio that considers each person a total work of art and we want to help you achieve your hair goals as well as improve your total hair and scalp health using the best products on the market. We can’t wait to help you achieve and surpass your hair goals!