Laserbeamer NANO System

Lazerbeamer Nano is an amazing new extension technology allowing for application of a full head of extensions in 45 minutes! The extensions are attached with a Laserbeamer nano gun that quickly and efficiently attaches the hair dreams nano hair to your own hair!  The luxury extension hair is top notch and Hairdreams 100% real human hair is making dreams come true. The new hair bonding technology leaves the nylon polymer based bonds movable and flat which allows them to last between 4 to 6 months!!! The small nano bonds match the color of the hair which allows them to stay hidden! What extensions? 

Healthy Shine, Brilliant Colors

Hairdreams Hair is known for its healthy shine, brilliant colors and natural bounce and elasticity.  Hairdreams 7 star quality extension hair is a medium to fine texture from western Europe.  The 7 star hair has not been lightened only toned for color consistency and is hand selected with tweezers ensuring each hair is placed with the cuticle facing in the right direction. This keeps the hair from matting or tangling.  The 5 star quality hair is from Asia/India and is a medium to coarse texture of dark hair that has been gently oxidized and toned to the desired level.  Each strand of the 5 star extension hair is placed in the correct cuticle direction. 


Long, full hair of your dreams,
so perfect and natural as never before.

Safest Extensions on the Market

The hairdream nanos are the safest extensions on the market due to nylon polymer bond that attaches to more of your hair resulting in less breakage.  These are truly your dream hair extensions.  Hairdreams extensions reviews are better than any other extensions in the past, and top factors ar